Any discount for first time customers?

YES! New customers receive 10% off your first purchase with us! 1 time use only. 10% Discount Code: NEWCUSTOMER


Free shipping to USA & CANADA via United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class Shipping with Tracking is included with all Group Break purchases – INSURANCE IS NOT INCLUDED!!

What is a Group Break?

A group of people share a box or case of cards by dividing up the product in a pre determined method.

How do I join a break?

Visit Kingselitebreaks.com and choose the box or case that interests you, grab a team or a spot in a random team break!

When does my break happen?

 Our schedule is changing to weekends FRIDAY-SATURDAY 3:30 PM PT - 11:30 PM PT. We will also be breaking week days Monday thru Friday in the morning hours of 9 AM-1PM PT, For breaks that are close to filling or filled during the week!

A lot of the breaks will fill as we are live and will break in the order that they fill unless otherwise noted.  If a scheduled break fills before the date it is scheduled, it may break earlier. 

When do I get my cards?

Cards are sorted and will be sleeved, toploaded within 3-5 business days of the break. Please remember there are usually multiple cases of cards being sorted and shipped at any time!

What cards do I get?

- All hits, jerseys, patches, autographs, rookies, inserts and #d cards that come out for your team will be shipped to you.  No base veteran cards will be shipped unless otherwise noted.

Where can I watch the break and where do I see what teams I have?

You can watch our live stream on Youtube or Breakers TV! Clink on either or on the main page on our website! You either know what team you have, because you picked it or you can see in the Team Draw Section.  

I missed the live break, how can I watch it?

All breaks are uploaded at the end of the day and can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.